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Everybody knows the three-digit number that could save a life or protect someone’s possessions. The world of 9-1-1 is as vast as it is diversified. Each call plunges us into a world where urgency and assistance are the only things that matter.


Provide an exceptionally high quality emergency call management service for the people of Eastern Quebec that is at the forefront of industry practices.


Be a benchmark for emergency call management in Quebec.


In keeping with its commitment, CAUREQ employees uphold the following values:

Competence: a combination of knowledge, know-how and people skills manifested daily through their work.

Self-respect/respect for others: acceptance of who they are and respect for the values and opinions of others.

Team spirit: the feeling of belonging to a group of people, interest in shared goals and involvement in collective success rather than individual success.

Communication: ability to effectively pass on all relevant information about their own work or the work of others.

Excellence: a will to excel through the completion of their tasks, to improve their knowledge, abilities and expertise, and to progress.

Listening: listening to what is being said and what is happening.

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Micheline Anctil


Note From the President and Chief Executive Officer

Over twenty years have already passed since the CAUREQ first began actively developing a 9-1-1 emergency call centre grouping together several connected mandates. Our objective is to provide the population of Eastern Quebec with interdisciplinary emergency response management to ensure efficient and optimized emergency response, which is adapted to our service area.


To achieve this, cooperation and partnership with every involved party in the field response team are of the utmost importance. This concerted effort within one single entity permits us to harness a single area of expertise within an indispensable mission and front-line service to the population.


Lastly, the organization’s distinct and specific contribution is backed by the thoroughness, devotion and competence of a workforce dedicated to public service.

Carole Raîche

Chief Executive Officer


(418) 725-7211


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